Month: September 2016

5 Feel-Good Stories from Israel That Will Echo into the Jewish New Year 

(Image: Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked speaking in Jerusalem at a swearing-in ceremony for judges, July 28, 2016. Shaked is one of four female government ministers in Israel. Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

By Andrew Tobin

TEL AVIV (JTA) — The Jewish state has nearly made it through another Jewish year and, as always, there was plenty to kvetch about in 5776.

But Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a time to take stock and celebrate.

Before the shofar blowing begins, here are five Israeli stories from the past year worth trumpeting. Expect them to echo into 5777 and beyond.

The Olympics gave Israelis…

Jewish pride on campus is under siege. Here’s what your kids can do to fight back.

(Photo: “Israel Apartheid Week” on a University of California campus. Credit: AMCHA Initiative)

NEW YORK (JTA) — Over 300,000 Jewish college students have arrived or will arrive shortly on American campuses — and what they experience there is likely not only to broaden their minds and uproot long-held assumptions, but shake their Jewish selves to the core.

They will contend with powerful faculty and student voices accusing them of complicity in a regime of privilege and oppression here in America and of colonialism, genocide and apartheid in Israel.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and its campus allies have far had…

From Matzo Balls to Footballs, Two Jewish Brothers Recall Their Journey to the NFL

(Image: Geoff, left, and Mitch Schwartz are the first pair of Jewish brothers to play in the NFL since 1923. Photo Courtesy of Olivia Goodkin and Lee Schwartz )

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (JTA) — At 6-foot-6 and 340 pounds, veteran NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz isn’t just a force of nature, but a product of good ol’ Jewish nurture.

“My size comes from a childhood…

Rosh Hashanah Dishes For the Whole Year!

By Bobby Klubeck

LOS ANGELES — The following recipes are ones I love to use during the Rosh Hashanah holiday, but also can be cooked any day of the year, together or separately. While a little more complicated than usual, they definitely will elicit a “Yummy” from all around the table!



12 ounce (2 to 21/2 cups, depending on the size) farfel

1 stick unsalted margarine t2 Cups white onion, chopped

12 ounce mushrooms, sliced

2 teaspoon kosher salt plus more to taste