Month: September 2018

How Synagogues and Day Schools are Failing People with Disabilities

(Marco Verch/Flickr)

NEW YORK (JTA) — Diversity and inclusion have become watchwords in our Jewish community, and rightly so. In the past few decades, we have considered how our congregations and institutions can better serve the needs of various populations, among them women, LGBTQ people, Jews of color and interfaith couples.

Now, a new survey from the nonprofit advocacy group RespectAbility shows – as we suspected – we have made progress but we still have…

‘Fauda’ Screenwriter Wanted to Depict Terrorists as ‘Real Human Beings’

Laetitia Eido, left, and Lior Raz in a scene from “Fauda.” (Courtesy of Netflix)

In his view, the show has another distinguishing characteristic.

“There isn’t any hero in the sense of a good guy or a bad guy,” Zonder said. “Life is more complicated. There is a protagonist and an antagonist — Doron is the protagonist and Abu Ahmad (Hisham Suleiman) is the antagonist.

“It’s not that Doron is good and Abu Ahmad is bad. … It was important for me as an Israeli to show that members of the Hamas military wing have…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Haifa U

JERUSALEM (JTA) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa.

The university said it was awarding the honorary degree in recognition of her leadership grounded in principles of equality, freedom and human rights; for serving as a model to women around the world; in appreciation of her warm friendship and robust ties between The Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel.”

The degree will be conferred Oct. 4 at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where Merkel will meet with a diverse group of graduate students…

How to Understand the Kavanaugh Allegations, According to Rabbis

NEW YORK (JTA) — As Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, he will have to answer questions about sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him. In recent weeks, three women have said the judge engaged in inappropriate behavior or assaultas a high school or college student.

The allegations have ignited conversations across the political spectrum, from how assault survivors often keep their accusations private out of fear or trauma, to whether people should be held accountable for actions they committed as teenagers, to how the credibility…

More Sovereignty, Less Globalism Trump Tells UN General Assembly

(JTA) — U.S. President Donald Trump made the case for less globalism and more sovereignty in his address to the United Nations General Assembly.

He also stressed that the United States would only give aid to countries that are its “friends.”

Trump on Tuesday in his second address to the international body first touted his successes to the delegates and guests saying that the United States is “stronger, safer and a richer country than it was when I assumed office less than two years ago.” The declaration of success prompted chuckles from the audience.

“The U.S. will always choose independence…