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PHIL BLAZER – Founder, Blazer Media Group & JLTV

Phil Blazer has been in the forefront of “positive activism” for fifty years. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the State of Israel and Jewish communities around the world. He has been a consultant for both private enterprise and federal and international governments on numerous issues affecting Israel and World Jewry and has traveled to Israel over 40 times.

You know Israel better than any American I have ever met. You are truly a leader of our people. They are rare,” stated former Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Phil has participated in several outstanding historic moments of modern Israel such as broadcasting his program live from Radio Cairo, being present on the tarmac at the arrival of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at Ben-Gurion Airport at the signing of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty a the White House in 1979.

While most of us are aware of a few highlights of Phil’s accomplishments as an activist, this tribute evokes the Theodor Herzl slogan, “If you will it, it is not a dream.”

In February of 1965, Phil launched the first rhythm and blues radio station in the Twin Cities along with broadcast personality Wolfman Jack (aka Bob Smith). This one moment in time changed Phil’s life. On a radio station KUXL, Phil began broadcasting his Jewish program. Upon his return to Los Angeles, the scope of his Jewish media enterprise widened with the expansion of his radio program, then in 1965 his newspaper, the National and Los Angeles Jewish News adding, in 1977, his television program. This culminated in 2006 with what became a miracle in Jewish communal life, the creation of America’s 24/7 Jewish television network, JLTV.

Certainly a highpoint of Phil’s numerous activist projects was the rescue of hundreds of Ethiopian Jews in March of 1985. Under the direction of Vice-President George Bush, this operation was an example of bi-partisan cooperation at its finest as all 100 U.S. Senators rallied to sign a secret letter to President Reagan, making Operation Joshua a reality.

His remarkable activist projects also include his famed Skokie Sky Train bringing hundreds of Californians to Chicago to stand up against neo-Nazis. He created the “Hollywood Loves Israel” series, famous in Israel for brining a cadre of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Strauss, Phyllis Diller and Sir Ben Kingsley, who visited with him to build IDF soldier morale. His mission to remind all of us that one person can make a difference underscores Phil’s career and passion for activism.

Recognized with awards and commendations from organizations throughout America and worldwide, Blazer’s life and career has been dedicated to making groundbreaking changes in the support and development of the Jewish community.