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She was shot dead by the Nazis in 1942. Her secret diary is to be published after 70 years in a bank vault

Video: California High-School Students Sang Nazi Song and Gave Hitler Salute


Athletes performed an homage to the Third Reich before an awards ceremony. Their school won’t say how they were disciplined.

In Eastern Europe, Holocaust museums are missing from key historical sites

JTA — In the capital of Lithuania, an institution formerly known as the Museum of Genocide Victims barely mentions the murder of nearly all the country’s Jews by Nazis and locals, focusing instead on the years of abusive Soviet rule.

In Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, another so-called museum hosts festivals and summer camps on the grounds of a former concentration camp for Jews known as the Seventh Fort, where the victims are not commemorated.

U.S. House legislation would help care for Holocaust survivors

Senate Legislation Would Help Care for Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust survivor Josiane Traum lighting a memorial candle during an International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration at the…